Diet Shake, Cookies & Cream – 720 grams

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Rich in dietary fibre whey protein drink powder with glucomannan, L-carnitine, chromium, sweeteners, superfoods and no added sugar.ACHIEVE REAL CHANGE WITHOUT OVERCOMPLICATING YOUR DIET!Diet Shake was born to offer a complete solution for body shaping. A key consideration was to create a product that is added sugar- and preservative-free. The high-quality and active ingredient of the product help you to take a new path in toning. On a journey that ends with a woman’s greatest treasure: self-confidence!DIET SHAKE IS RECOMMENDEDif you want to supplement your dietif you want to maintain muscle mass during a dietif you’re looking for a quick and simple solution to support your dietif you want to consume quality nutrients instead of empty caloriesif you’re looking for an alternative rich in fibreif you want to avoid foods with added sugarif you have a sweet-tooth and tried out many weight-loss methodsCONTROL IS IN YOUR HANDSIt doesn’t matter if your goal is losing weight, bulking up or total lifestyle change, the basis of all is a well-planned, balanced diet. But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on delicious flavours and be too hard on yourself. With a varied meal plan, any diet can be full of goodies! Take back control, plan your diet precisely and settle down your cravings!WE NEED TO EAT BUT WHEN?Irregular eating habits make it much harder to reach our body shaping goals, so it is worth putting some energy into planning our meals! And some food supplements might also make it easier to improve our eating habits! Diet Shake fits perfectly into a low-calorie diet because with water it contains a maximum of 110 kcal per serving (depends on the flavour). Thanks to this, it is a great choice any time of the day to supplement your meal, if you’re hungry and wants a quick and delicious solution; pour it into a shaker, add 300 ml water, shake well and drink!




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