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Post-workout born from the prescription needs of Coach Neil “Yoda” Hill to their athletes
Based on whey protein isolate by cross-flow microfiltration, egg white, hydrolyzed casein, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate
With the addition of digestive enzymes
Provides fast and without burdening digestion, protein material of the best biological value and the best quality in the world
Infusion-ELITE was created as one of the protagonists of the new “Neil Hill Approved” line for advanced athletes, precisely to provide the best amino acid-protein material in terms of quality and biological value as quickly as possible to the athlete who needs the fastest and most efficient muscular recovery possible, thanks to the presence of a protein mix of several highly digestible and rapidly absorbed sources, ideal precisely for the phase immediately following training, when our body is still on “alert”, not “ready” to eat and absorb what it needs. But if we also want to optimise the intensity of the results, we need to provide what your muscles need to grow as quickly as possible. The concept behind this extraordinary new protein recovery supplement is to deliver this valuable material as quickly as possible into the bloodstream and continue to your muscles for a certain amount of time, thus taking the widely confirmed importance of post-workout protein supplementation to a new level of effectiveness.Infusion-ELITE provides the certified protein material of the best biological value, obtained by the best processing technology in microfiltration and hydrolysis, quickly and without burdening the digestion, and in a manner absolutely pleasant to the palate, so as to start the muscle reconstruction processes as soon as possible, ensuring an important aminoacidemia and maintaining it for several hours, thanks to the combination of various differentiated protein blends at various release levels, through this extraordinary new-generation “blend” based on excellent sources of rapid, ultra-rapid and more gradual absorption, formulated in an optimal balance, in a product which to date is unrivalled in terms of formulation and certified quality of raw materials in its composition:
Isolated whey protein obtained by cross-flow microfiltration (Volactive UltraWhey XP): 45%.Egg white protein: 25%Hydrolysed from caseins (PeptoPro): 20%.Hydrolysed from whey isolate (Optipep 90 DH4): 10%.


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