Vegan Protein Bar, Peanut Butter – 20 x 50g

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Gluten-free vegan protein bar with sweeteners and no added sugar.Environment protection, health consciousness, animal protection.There are many reasons why more and more people are following a diet free of food of animal origin or trying to reduce their meat consumption. If we create a proper, balanced meal plan free from animal-derived ingredients, then it won’t have any negative effects on reaching our fitness goals (e.g., bodybuilding).The vegan line of BioTechUSA offers you protein bars, amino acids, protein powders and multivitamins, too. They can be an ultimate partner if you have a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle! And on the other hand, you can also try them out, if you need vegan food supplements occasionally.Containing rice and pea proteinSource of dietary fibreWith no added sugarGluten-freePalm oil-freeContains naturally occurring sugars.TO BE A VEGAN ATHLETE? YES, IT IS POSSIBLE!Would you like to have an athletic body while following a vegan diet? It takes some consciousness, but it is possible. Many people fear that without animal-derived food they cannot build their bodies effectively, because all their hard work would be lost. Many famous and successful athletes’ examples prove that this is not true. You can be vegan and still muscular even if you’ve turned into a herbivore from a real carnivore at one go. The key is the quality of protein supplementation.RICE AND PEAS ARE THE BASICSUnlike animal-derived versions, foods of plant origin are not complete protein sources, which means that they don’t contain all essential amino acids your body requires. Luckily, with complementation (a combination of different plant protein sources) you can get a full protein complex.With our Vegan Protein Bar, we achieved this by combining two protein sources that perfectly complement each other. The 1st is rice protein that contains little lysine, but it is rich in sulphur-containing amino acids (such as cysteine and methionine), and the 2nd one is pea protein that contains less sulphur-containing amino acids, while it is rich in lysine. So, this delicious plant-based protein bar fits into your life perfectly, if you have a vegan lifestyle, but you pay attention to optimal protein intake, too.If you want to eat something on a weekend trip, need some extra energy or get hungry on a busy weekday, choose snacks containing quality nutrients! Naturally, it is recommended not only for vegans!If you would eat something fruity instead of a chocolate flavoured snack, try out our vegan fruit bar, Super Fruit Bar, too!




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