Vitamin D3, 2000IU – 90 caps

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For healthy bones, good muscle function and a strong immune system100% natural vitamin D3 from premium lanolin (wool wax)High bioavailability and well tolerated100% natural vitamin D3 from lanolin (wool wax) of premium qualityOptimal dosage: Only 1 capsule every two days!100% vegetarian and free from gluten, lactose and soy
Vitamin D3 plays a central role in our body. It controls more than 2,000 genes and is needed for the smooth functioning of almost all cells and organs. In addition to its best-known function of maintaining bone health, vitamin D3 also supports healthy muscles and teeth as well as the immune system and ensures good utilisation of the micronutrients calcium and phosphorus. However, due to our way of life today, we usually have far too little direct contact with the sun, in winter as well as in summer. Therefore, year-round supplementation with vitamin D3 can be useful.


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